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Real estate & infrastructure

HMS has implemented challenging projects for various real estate classes, such as residential, commercial,  industrial,  hospital real estate, etc. This includes (re)financing and sales projects for individual properties and real estate portfolios as well as development projects for hotel and healthcare properties. The HMS partners have an extensive  network of relationships with international real estate and infrastructure investors as well as with specialists who are necessary for project management, such as architects, surveyors and experts.


Sectors & segments

  • Industrial real estate

  • Medical facilities: hospitals, nursing and retirement homes

  • Office and commercial buildings

  • Hotel real estate

  • Residential real estate

  • Real estate investors

  • Real estate developer

  • Operators and owners of commercial real estate

Service & advisory

  • Sale of individual properties and property portfolios

  • Residential, commercial, healthcare and other specialty properties

  • Share and asset deal structures 

  • Sale and Leaseback Transactions

  • Project development and project management of complex units

  • Development strategies and implementation

  • Purchase advice

  • Real estate financing upon acquisition

  • Real estate valuation (fairness opinion)

  • Real estate (portfolio) strategy

Case study

Hospital Real Estate Sale & Leaseback

HMS has advised a leading hospital operator on projects for the sale and leaseback (sale-and-lease-back) of special properties and real estate portfolios in demanding processes.

The team implemented a very competitive auction process under great time pressure through extensive preparation and in anticipation of the expected steps. The pre-selected selection of the special property investors addressed enabled very efficient processing, because all parties involved had extensive experience themselves and were able to maintain the specified high processing speed. Parallel project management with few interested parties until a long time in the process enabled the HMS client to examine various options or receive optionality until shortly before the contract was signed.


After weighing up all the options, the customer was able to sign the contract that was most attractive to him, consisting of a purchase contract and a long-term rental contract. 


Sale and leaseback of a hospital property in Germany

Advisor to Oberberg

Strategic property search & valuation

Advisor to Oberberg

Strategic monitoring and cost responsibility for conversion and development projects

Advisor to Oberberg
Advisor to Oberberg

Sale & leaseback of a
hospital real estate
portfolio in Germany

Sales advisor to
the seller

Sale of a residential apartment property in Zurich

Private seller

private buyer

Advisor to The Embassies

Growth financing of a housing-related venture

Institutional family office

Advisor to Ameos

Sale and leaseback of a hospital property in Germany

Advisor to Ameos

Sale and leaseback of a   hospital property   in Switzerland

Advisor to the State of Berlin

Advisor in the privatization & sale of real estate funds

Advisor to Selina

Financing advisory for the European roll-out


References include projects by founders and partners of HMS

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