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Implementation-focused strategy development, coaching & interim management

With the experience of managing directors, board members and owners, the partners of HMS are very familiar with the strategies and methods that characterise an excellent company. We know the key factors that are decisive for the long-term success of a company and the achievement of its vision, and how to closely accompany and advise entrepreneurs in a very entrepreneurial way on the way to achieving their goals: whether on the way to the next milestone, in preparation for a sale or IPO, or in an existential crisis, we offer support with which the set goals can be measurably achieved step by step.


Situations & advisory

  • Coaching of entrepreneurs for and in strategic projects

  • IPO preparation

  • Strategy development

  • Corporate structure optimization

  • Refinancing & Raising Capital: Cash-flow and asset-backed 

  • Working capital optimization

  • Restructuring and turnaround plan

  • As a consultant or possibly in an active interim function

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